People answer BNP’s falsehood more than polls: Quader

January 17, 2021 Bangladesh
Awami League Standard Secretary Obaidul Quader on Saturday said the persons have replied to BNP’s falsehood centering the polls by performing exercises their franchise found in a huge number amid festivity and enthusiasm in the 2nd phase municipality elections.

He told a good press conference from his official residence on parliament premises here following the end of voting found in the next phase municipality polls today.

Quader, also Road Transfer and Bridges Minister, explained BNP isn't getting any support within their evil attempts to help make the country’s election program questionable as the persons don’t believe in BNP’s falsehood anymore.

“BNP quite often loses their confidence found in surviving in the election field and carries out their evil work to continue their undesirable political traditions of leaving the polling field raising imaginary allegations,” he said.

He said though BNP opposed the voting found in electronic voting machine (EVM) system in purpose-oriented way, the persons cast their votes through EVMs smoothly.

The people have previously become habituated to use digital technology but BNP’s mentality stills remains in analog state. This is why BNP is certainly opposing the machine, he added.

The AL general secretary extended congratulations to voters for his or her spontaneous participation in the election and thanked the Election Commission for holding the polls in a relaxing and proper manner.

Mentioning that win or perhaps defeat is need to in polls, he as well extended thanks to all prospects for contesting the polls to create stronger the local government institutions to have ahead the democracy.

Large participation of voters on the EVM system proves that the popularity of EVM is going to be increasing gradually, he added.

He said though BNP discusses transparency, they remained stuck found in the backdated and backward mentality.

Quader said though BNP prospects expressed satisfaction above the election atmosphere and performing exercises of voting privileges, the party’s central leaders are actually making criticism limited to criticism which is quite sad.

He said the voters of Basurhat municipality in Noakhali district has replied to BNP’s falsehood more than the country’s way of life of polls.

BNP candidate in Basurhat municipality polls stated to the media that the elections was held in a free of charge and good manner, he said urging BNP secretary standard Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir to recognize the talks of his own party candidate and avoid his habit of ‘beating about the bush’.

Noting that there is massive eagerness in mass media as well while in political arena centering the Basurhat municipality polls, the AL standard secretary said elections were held in a free of charge, fair, calm and participatory way there.

He said the elections were held in EVM method for the first time in Basurhat municipality and voter turnout was above 60 percent.

“Mirza Fakhrul ‘Saheb’ attacked him personally. Though I didn’t answer him, the voters of Basurhat replied to him for the strike through their relaxing and spontaneous participation in the elections,” he explained.

He said many persons dubbed the Basurhat seeing that model for the positioning of transparent polls there.

“BNP loses before their defeat found in the polls. They dread to take to street and wage motion,” he said.

Source: Observerbd - Bangladesh

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