Stage place for plundering over the vaccine, alleges BNP

January 12, 2021 Bangladesh
BNP on Monday alleged that an set up has been designed for “plundering public funds by government-backed businesspeople” found in the brand of procuring coronavirus vaccine.

"Democracy has been destroyed while an overall economy of plundering has been established found in the united states," said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

Speaking at a virtual debate, he said, "Once the coronavirus is changing the entire world, we’re observing with incredibly disappointment that government-backed businesspeople contain made an arrangement for plundering more than the vaccine.”

BNP arranged the program commemorating the forming of an army-backed caretaker federal government on January 11, 2007.

Fakhrul said they want to give up plundering, revive the market and destroy the one-party program of governance found in Bangladesh by establishing a good multiparty democracy. “You want to ensure foodstuff, outfits and shelter for the normal people in true feeling and establish people’s liberty of speech.”

He as well said they want to transform Bangladesh into a welfare state seeing that dreamt by their get together founder Ziaur Rahman.

Fakhrul said they will work to unite persons for the ‘restoration’ of democracy by defeating the existing regime through a activity.

About the 1/11 political changeover in 2007, he said it was not an isolated incident. “The takeover of electric power on January 11, 2007 was part of native and foreign conspiracies to eradicate the genuinely patriotic and democratic forces of Bangladesh.”

The BNP innovator alleged that the 1/11 regime illegally captured power by ousting a constitutional and democratic government. “After, those who came to electric power in connivance with them (1/11 regime) set the country’s independence on the line and destroyed democracy and people’s hopes and aspirations in a well planned way.”

Since the independence of Bangladesh, he said, there's always been an attempt from a particular quarter to keep carefully the country under its control.

Stating that democracy may be the soul of Bangladesh, the BNP leader said it's been deliberately destroyed simply by that quarter through the 1/11 incident. “People’s privileges have been snatched by establishing the one-party rule. Folks have never wanted to see this Bangladesh.”
Source: Observerbd - Bangladesh

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