These platforms will help you find a CSR project to invest in

These platforms will help you find a CSR project to invest in
As the current fiscal year (FY 2018-19) is coming to an end, corporates across the country are striving to invest in strategic CSR projects that bring about a change and add meaningful value to their brands. After all, the success of large organizations today goes way beyond the products and services they provide and also encompasses what they stand for and the values their brand reflects. Further, with the CSR Budget announcement being just around the corner, more and more companies are actively looking out for NGOs that have impactful projects which they believe in and which will further cement their stance as responsible corporates.

The following five online marketplaces provide a platform for both corporates and NGOs in India to conveniently connect with each other and bring about a meaningful change in the world we inhabit. 


SociallyGood is the world’s first online Marketplace for Social work - bringing together the main stakeholders of the Social Sector including Non-Profits, CSRs and Individuals. Founded in 2017 by a team of entrepreneurs including Bhaskar Enaganti, a serial entrepreneur and alumnus of IIT Madras and Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

SociallyGood is a technology-enabled engagement platform that makes it easier for individuals (volunteers, donors, beneficiaries and social entrepreneurs) to discover and engage with the social causes of their interest.  SociallyGood empowers Non-Profits to drive campaigns to attract new volunteers, and gain more donations at a lower cost. SociallyGood has integrated more than 10-point solutions into one robust platform that makes the fundraising, volunteering, campaigns and beneficiary management simple.  With the adoption of best of technologies including AI, the experience of volunteer, donor and non-profit is raised to a new level devoid of human inefficiencies and physical limitations. 


A social enterprise that collaborates with corporates to develop impactful CSR initiatives, Samhita is a facilitator of multi-stakeholder associations around pressing social issues. Samhita provides consultation by laying emphasis on sector research, strategy and programme design for the CSR projects. Through its passionate efforts, Samhita has helped leading corporates across the country shape and align their social strategies, implement programmes and assess the impact.

Impact Guru

Impact Guru is the largest medical crowdfunding platform in India that provides solutions to empower individuals and NGOs to raise funds for medical emergencies along with creative projects and social causes. It assists, collaborates, innovates and supports anyone who desires to use the concept of crowdfunding for a good cause. Impact Guru offers optimal online tools to drive the ‘crowd’ towards great ideas and projects, thereby serving as a useful platform for corporates to look for highly impactful projects on.


Milaap is India’s largest crowdfunding website that enables individuals and corporates from across the country to raise funds for healthcare, education, disaster relief, sports and various other causes. Milaap is leveraging the increasing digital penetration and the robust traction of digital payments to address the challenges of giving, such as difficulty in discovering the right cause, transparency and a general donor apathy. Initially incepted for rural projects and micro-entrepreneurs, Milaap is gradually paving its way to become the most preferred platform to raise funds for cancer treatments, transplants and other critical medical emergencies along with personal causes.
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