Plot hatched to create Bangladesh 'subservient’ state: Fakhrul

Plot hatched to create Bangladesh 'subservient’ state: Fakhrul
BNP Secretary Standard Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Saturday alleged a plot has been hatched to create Bangladesh a 'subservient’ talk about, reports UNB.

"Those that killed Ziaur Rahman in May 30, 1971 were the enemies of Bangladesh's independence and the persons of Bangladesh…they’re today conspiring to carefully turn Bangladesh right into a subservient state,” he said.

He made the allegation at a virtual discussion meeting on Saturday, marking BNP founder Ziaur Rahman’s 40th death anniversary.

Fakhrul said Awami Group tried to eradicate BNP through repressive works, but they have didn't do so as BNP will politics for the united states and its people.

He said their party has been on a good activity to ‘restore’ the rights of folks and democracy for more than a decade. “We’ve to continue our battle to reach the desired goal. Let’s all unite to free of charge our motherland from the grasp of autocracy and establish a genuinely democratic liberal Bangladesh. ”

The BNP innovator also said the federal government has imprisoned their party chief Khaleda Zia as she was carrying out a movement to protect the united states, its persons and ‘restore’ democracy.

He said the government isn't allowing seriously sick Khaleda to get abroad in order that she cannot stand by the country’s persons by dealing with her disease with advanced treatment.

Describing overdue President Ziaur Rahman since a 'short-lived patriotic statesman', Fakhrul recalled the BNP founder’s contributions to the country’s Liberation War and its development.

BNP is collection to see the 40th loss of life anniversary of former President Ziaur Rahman across the country on Sunday with different programmes.

Ziaur Rahman who founded the Bangladesh Nationalist Get together (BNP) found in 1978 was assassinated by a group of disgruntled army officers at Chittagong Circuit House on 30 May 1981.
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