This time around 'Bachelor Point' in Noakhali

This time around 'Bachelor Point' in Noakhali
The shooting of the favorite drama series 'Bachelor Point' will be held in Noakhali. Kabila Brother, who played just about the most popular characters in the play directed by KajalArefin Omi, could be from Noakhali. In the play, Kabila is discussing the region of Noakhali where in fact the shooting of Bachelor Point is starting.

Producer KajalArefin Omi said this info. This time around the viewer will discover various funny events happening in the village of Kabila on the screen. Omi said that Noakhali is very much involved with the Bachelor Point drama. These times the complete team of Bachelor Point will Noakhali. We will shoot for a week at different places in Noakhali.

Later on, the viewers will see the variations in the story of the play and the characters of Noakhali on the screen in the 3rd season of Bachelor Point, ZiaulHaquePolash is playing the role of Kabila, MishuSabbir is playing the role of Shubho, SanjanaSarkar is playing the role of Riya, ChashiAlam is playing the role of Habu Brother and Marjuk Russell is playing the role of Pasha Brother. The characters are extremely popular with the audience. Other characters include Abdullah Rana, MoniraMithu, Sabila Noor, MusafirShoaibBachchu, MukitZakaria, Shimul Sharma, and others.

SumonPatwari and Sharaf Ahmed are being taken up to life as new surprises of Bachelor Point. Their cocktail will be viewed in the roles of Babu and Borhan. Meanwhile, TousifMahboob (Nehal) and ShamimHasanSarkar (Arefin) were in the first two seasons of 'Bachelor Point' yet they aren't in season three. The director said they don't need the story. They may come again down the road.

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