Farida Parveen taken to hospital

April 14, 2021 Culture
Noted Lalon singer Farida Parveen was spending treatment in the home since she was analyzed confident for corona virus. As her health worsened at Mon, her family members decided to take her to medical center. She was admitted to General Medical College Medical center in Mohakhali at Monday. Ashish Kumar Chakraborty, handling director of a healthcare facility, confirmed the news to the media.

Farida Parveen has been suffering from fever and whooping cough because the end of March. Thinking these as symptoms of corona, she required covid evaluation twice. Two results yielded detrimental. She got confident for corona virus when she got test for third time at April 7. Since that time she was bringing treatment from home.

Medical center director Ashish Kumar Chakraborty said, "She is receiving treatment on a cabin here. She is experiencing covid pneumonia. Her kidney's condition isn't very good. Regarding to CT scan studies, 44 percent of her lungs were contaminated. She as well suffering thyroid challenges, diabetes and great blood pressure. We try our better to give her the best medical care by further examination."

Farida Parveen was created on December 31, 1954 in Shaol village of Singra police station in Natore district. Although she was created in Natore, she was raised in Kushtia. She began singing Nazrul Sangeet in 1968 as a listed artist of Rajshahi Betar. Afterwards, in 1973, she obtained attractiveness by singing patriotic music. Farida Parveen took trained in Lalon Sangeet from the devotee Moksed Ali Shah.
Source: Dailyasianage - Culture News