Digital Security Work is for digital safety: Hasan

Digital Security Work is for digital safety: Hasan
Facts Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud on Saturday said the Digital Secureness Act (DSA) features been enacted for the digital cover of all people of the country and the incumbent federal government is monitoring to ensure proper use of the act.

“The act exists in many countries around the world. But, propaganda has been completed against Bangladesh through misusing the digital technology by online and cultural media platforms from your home and overseas,” he said.

The minister stated the comments while unveiling the third edition of the book ‘Sheikh Hasina: Ghure Daranor Bangladesh’ edited by Shamim Ahmed at an auditorium of Jatiya Press Golf club (JPC) in the administrative centre.

Hasan welcomed the publication and emphasized on updating the info and info of the book.

Speaking about the latest criticism more than the DSA, the information minister said, “Propagandas will be being disseminate against Bangladesh residence and abroad through community media and online by misusing the digital technology”.

A vested quarter recently disseminate rumor over if the COVID-19 vaccine would arrive in country on time, he said, however when the vaccines arrived in the country in credited time, then your vested quarter termed the vaccine as harmful for individual health.

Hasan, also Awami League joint standard secretary, added: the propaganda mongers, interestingly, are actually spending the vaccines secretly and openly.

Noting that characters of others have already been being assassinated by misusing the digital technology home and abroad simply by hiding the technology users’ identities, the info minister stated, “The propagandas and conspiracies happen to be being carried out against journalists, common persons and the country aswell”.

Discussing some incident of eliminating people simply by spreading rumours in community media, he said a great act was needed to prevent such crimes. The Digital Protection Act is the law which includes been enacted to avoid those incidents and ensure safety for all persons of the region, the info minister added.

He said the DSA is for digital protection of most including writers, intellectuals, journalists, specialists, farmers, and others.

The minister said ambassadors of some countries, who try to make statements against the law, likewise have similar law within their countries. “However, the law shouldn't be misused,” said Hasan.

Education and Analysis Institute Chairman of Dhaka University Dr Muhammad Mahbubur Rahman, director Dr Md Abdul Malek, Rokeya Hall Provost Professor Dr Zinat Huda, Tourism and Hospitality Operations Section Chairman Professor Dr Md Bodruzzaman Bhuiyan, JPC President Farida Yeasmin and editor of the e book Shamim Ahmed, among others, addressed the function with Noakhali Science and Technology University ex - vice chancellor Dr M Ahiduzzaman found in the chair.
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