Accommodating corona clients to hospitals will become 'difficult'

April 08, 2021 Bangladesh
Wellness Minister Zahid Maleque has said the transmitting of deadly coronavirus has taken a significant turn in Bangladesh.

He said doctors, nurses and wellbeing staff are facing great complications to handle the coronavirus infected patients. Lots of the infected people are not receiving treatment browsing the hospitals, because none of the general beds or beds at intensive care units (ICUs) for Covid-19 people is forget about empty.

"It would become extremely difficult to support so many Covid-19 infected clients at the hospitals unless the coronavirus pandemic could be brought under manipulated soon," he said.

MEDICAL Minister was speaking at a discussion organised by the Directorate Standard of Health Companies (DGHS) on Wednesday on the occasion of Globe Health Day.

He also explained the government's initiatives to improve the beds for coronavirus infected clients at hospitals.
"We want to increase the amount of beds at virtually all the hospitals. Efforts 're going on to improve the number of beds for coronavirus infected people reducing the quantity of beds for basic patients. Immense pressure has been designed on the country's health services due to rise in the number of coronavirus infected clients. Doctors, nurses and health workers have become worn out and exhausted by doing work round-the-clock at the hospitals. Regardless of it, the authorities worried have become unable to give them keep of absence," he explained.

MEDICAL Minister said, "Pressure of coronavirus infected patients has been rising. Subsequently, other patients, especially, mothers and children aren't receiving proper treatment. Concurrently, treatment for other sufferers with malignancy, kidney diseases and heart diseases has been disrupted at the hospitals."

Professor Dr Nazmul Islam, Director (Disease Control),  DGHS, presented the keynote paper at the discussion.

Secretary to the Health Solutions Division Lokman Hossain, Secretary to the Medical Education and Spouse and children Welfare Division Ali Noor, Director General (Health) Prof. Dr. Abul Bashar Mohammad Khurshid Alam, and senior officials of the DGHS had been present.

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