Wasim buried next to daughter's grave

Wasim buried next to daughter's grave
Actor Wasim was buried at Banani Cemetery at 3 pm on Sunday following the first janaza at Azad Mosque in Gulshan and the next janaza at Banani Mosque. Actor Wasim died at 12:40 pm because of various physical problems due to later years. He was 71 years old during his death. Wasim, the prince of Dhaliwood, was devastated after his daughter's suicide in 2006. He was living a life of exhaustion and loneliness. Despite getting so much love from people, he kept himself hidden. He started experiencing eye pain last January. Wasim was admitted to the hospital at that time. His illness continued to worsen, at one point he almost lost his sight. Besides, he was suffering from various issues including kidney, lung, diabetes, high blood pressure. Some of the side effects of eye medications, including sugar, were moving away from control.

Wasim's son Barrister Dewan Fardun told our reporter, 'After the procedure, the father could not see well along with his right eye. If this complex problem was not treated, my father could have become restless in pain. If he was treated again, he'd get sick with side effects. In this problem, the doctors said, if he's not treated, he will go blind. Later he started taking medicine. 'He added, "My father's condition has been deteriorating since last February. Last night he suddenly started shivering and vomiting. The fragile body could not speak. Immediately I contacted a healthcare facility. I couldn't find an ICU anywhere, after a lot of struggle I acquired an ICU, where my father was still vomiting. Then suddenly he lost consciousness. Before he was taken to the ICU, the doctors informed him that my dad was forget about." Fardun said that his mother died in 2000. The only sister committed suicide in 2006. After that, his father broke up. He was the one who took care of his father and gave him time. Wasim used to spend his time doing religious activities and studying. He'd not go out of the house. Fardun said, "My father wanted him to be buried next to his members of the family. He was buried in Banani cemetery to satisfy his wish."

Although Wasim was born in Sutrapur, Old Dhaka, his ancestral home was Chandpur. While studying at Ananda Mohan College, he became associated with stage drama. After graduating from the history department of Dhaka University, he started employed in the film industry. Handsome Wasim easily catches the attention of filmmakers and producers. Quickly he became a normal in the films. He has acted in several . 5 hundred movies in his practically two-decade career. Most of his movies were commercially successful. Wasim withdrew from acting at one point due to grief.  Wasim loved sports. He was the first general secretary of the National Sports Council. He has served as President of the Bodybuilding Federation. In his last years, he didn't have much connection with the persons of the film. Fardun said, 'My father was sick. I did so not inform my dad about Kobori aunt's death. Maybe he would have suffered more if he previously heard the news headlines. '
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