Faruk in critical condition

April 07, 2021 Culture
Legendary Dhallywood Actor and MP of Dhaka-17 Akbar Hossain Pathan Faruk has been admitted to ICU for 18 times.  "My father didn't say anything. He's moving his legs and arms lightly but he's not saying anything. He is not looking whether or not his eyes call me. My father is normally unconscious" says son Raushan Hossain Pathan Sarat.

Sarat said that his father was admitted to the ICU in 21st of March. He's absolutely unconscious. Faruk's family group is hanging out with superb anxiety and fret. Sarat said, 'On March 16, my dad had a convulsion. Convulsions take place again within a couple of hours. After He was taken to the ICU. At one level, the doctors examined him and discovered that he previously a brain trouble. Thereafter his condition improves.

Even if the movement was less, he'd chat less. In this example, on March 18, my dad was taken up to the cabin. Three times later, from March 21, my dad became unconscious. Sense completely disappeared from March 23. After that he didn't make any activity. Blood pressure likewise reduces. He was taken up to ICU again.

This time around the doctors found a sort of bad germ in the nerve of Abu's brain. Doctors article two infections in the blood. Since that time he is still in ICU. Father didn't say anything within the last 2 weeks. Internal bleeding of the body is as well happening. The situation is critical. The doctors say a similar thing. 'Sarat additional said  that Faruk's two blood related challenges are in order. But brain related complications are progressing incredibly slowly.

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