Shilpi's get-together party with actors

Shilpi's get-together party with actors
Actress Shilpi is outside from the acting for many days but she has kept regular communication with the film actors.On September 28, she arranged a get-together party with them on the occasion of her son Sanad's birthday at a city restaurant. 

Bapparaz, Amit Hasan, Moushumi, Omar Sani, Shabnaz, Ashraf Joy, wife of Amit Hasan Laboni, Poly, Nipun, dance director Yousuf Khan, among others, were present on the occasion.

From 1995 to 2005, Shilpi acted in 36 movies. She first acted on the stage with Shakuntala Nattyagosthi in Narayanganj. Her first movie was Awlad Hossain's 'Nag Nortoki'. But her acted first released movie was Mohammad Hossain's 'Banglar Commando', which was released on May 5 in 1995. 
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