Shakib, Apu to reunite again for film!

January 12, 2021 Culture
Dhallywood King Shakib Khan is reuniting along with his ex-wife Apu Biswas. Shakib Khan, the country's leading hero, was in the debate with 'Bir' at the beginning of this past year and 'Nabab LLB' by the end. In the New Season, the hero will be seen busy with a few of his own production movies. 

Recently, his ex-wife and actress Apu Biswas possesses finished a film titled 'Chayabrikkho'. Her various other film 'Shoshurbari Zindabad 2' is looking forward to release.Rumors are actually circulating that the once-popular couple of Dhaka film will soon be reunited again. However, not the truth is - on the screen. However the reality that Apu is definitely pairing with Shakib on-display screen is surprising as they are now 'ex-couple'.

According to Dhallywood options, Shakib and Apu are likely to pair again this year. Before their divorce, they acted mutually in a few movies which remain incomplete.However, it has been learned from the worried that those incomplete videos may complete this year. However, no comment provides been received from Shakib or Apu however. The shooting of the photos will end this year. If that occurs, Shakib and Apu will be observed together on the big screen again.

Source: Dailyasianage - Culture News