Prova wraps up shooting for "Fake Husband"

April 07, 2021 Culture
Popular actress Sadia Jahan Prova wrapped up shooting for a solo drama titled 'Fake Husband' at Monday. She took portion in the shooting of it drama at a capturing property in Uttara of the administrative centre. The play, compiled by Anamika Mandal and directed by Mithu Roy, was designed for Eid and was shot by Mithu Monir. Regarding to a release, Manoj Pramanik possesses acted opposite Prova in the take up.

Besides, Kazi Ujjwal, Pintu Akunji, Khairul Alam Tipu, Sharmin Sultana Sharmi, Kazi Salimul Haque Kamal, Jannatul Sraboni, Raisul Islam, Barsha, Rinku, Swapan Ahmed, Mizan Rahman, Nayan, Rafi Ahmed and others have acted. The story of the drama portrays Rooney as an operating unmarried girl. She lives alone in Dhaka. It really is difficult to have a property for Bachelor girl as people in the region make various comments and actually at the job, colleagues try to make the most.

So she decides to tell everyone she's married. Since then, lots of the previous problems have been solved. However, she later got into a whole lot of trouble with this married identity. In this way the story of the drama will go on. Prova has enjoyed the function of Rooney in the take up. In line with the producer, the drama will be aired on a private television set channel on the arriving Eid.

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