Bubly returns to acting

Bubly returns to acting
Film actress Shabnam Yesmin Bubly has tendency to hold her commitment in the event of work. She before committed that if the actress gets very good story and role, in that case she agrees to job against different heroes without Shakib Khan. Because of this, after going for a break, she returned to acting the other day.

Bubly is taking part in shooting of Asif Iqbal Jewel's motion picture titled Chokh, which report is also compiled by him. During getting involved in the shooting of the movie, she gave the news headlines of her obtaining 'Digital Media Award 2020' for performing in the video Bossgiri.

While sharing her feelings for acquiring the award, that was held recently, Bubly said, "My gratefulness to all the juries who were linked to give this award. I contain loves for the admirers. For them, I got this achievement. I want to do even more better works in future. Actually, this award will inspire me in this regard. Essentially this award will continue to work as force to step forward of my career."

Now Bubly is actually with acting on Jewel's movie Chokh. All of her concentrations are related to this motion picture. Bubly is playing the role of Rezni in the video. Nirab and Roshan happen to be performing against her in this motion picture. Before, against Nirab, Bubly acted in film Casino. For the very first time, she actually is acting against Roshan.

While talking about acting in film Chokh Bubly said, "For many days I was talking with Jewel Bhai relating to this movie. I liked story of the movie. But I will not really disclose about any of it now. I can say storyline of Chokh is very outstanding. I have concentrated to performing with this film. All of my considering revolves with my personality Rezni now.

I believe every viewer will love this movie." "Within soon, I am going to act against Shakib Khan in Topu Khan directed video Leader- Ami-e Bangladesh," she also said.  Director Asif Iqbal Jewel informed that Bubly is acting tremendously well in the video Chokh.
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