Migrant caravan leaves Honduras in search of US dream

January 17, 2021 World
Some 3,000 persons left Honduras by walking Friday in the most recent migrant caravan hoping to discover a welcome, and an improved life, in the US under President-elect Joe Biden.Wanting to get away poverty, unemployment, gang and drug violence and the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes, the migrants plan to walk thousands of kilometers through Central America.

But they will have to overcome a rash of travel restrictions in Guatemala and Mexico long before they even produce it to the American border.The quest will probably end in heartbreak for many, with American authorities already having warned off the group that includes people of all ages plus some entire families.

The migrants say they desire to catch lifts from passing motorists or truckers or, failing that, walk the whole way. To enter Guatemala, the first country on the route, however, the migrants must present travel documents and a poor coronavirus test - requirements that certainly not all of them fulfill."We happen to be leaving with a broken heart, because in my own case, I leave my children, my husband and my three children behind," 36-year-previous Jessenia Ramirez told AFP. 

Mexican authorities said late Thursday that 500 immigration officers were being deployed to the Guatemalan border on anticipation of the caravan's arrival.However the migrants are keeping the finish goal in sight. Included in this, 28-year-aged Eduardo Lanza explained he dreamed of residing in a country where people of unique sexual orientations can live with dignity, "respect... and employment opportunity." Norma Pineda, 51, said previous year's hurricanes left her "on the street.""We are leaving because here's no work, no state support, we need foodstuff, clothes..." she advised AFP.
Source: Dailyasianage - World News

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