Liner cause Thursday pioneering Ctg-Saint Martin’s route

January 12, 2021 Business
Ushering in a new era for tourism transfer, Bay One is all set to cast off on Thursday pioneering the Chattogram-Cox's Bazar-Saint Martin's island route.

With return ticket prices which range from Tk 3,000 to Tk 50,000, the 450 feet long and 55 feet wide ship offers 2,000 cabin accommodations, including presidential suites, bunkbeds and twin bed cabins alongside market chairs.

Relating to its weekly plan, the vessel might leave the Patenga normal water bus terminal at 11:00pm every Thursday, Fri and Saturday to attain the coral isle in 7:00am.

It will set off from the island in 1:00pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to reach Chattogram's Patenga in 8:00pm. The ship has a top velocity of 24 nautical miles or 44 kilometres each hour.

Officials tell you 17 mariners would sail the ship while a roughly 150-member crew will be engaged in catering products and services to passengers.

Aside from Karnafuly Ship Builders, there are several local companies ferrying persons to Saint Martin's island but just from Cox's Bazar, from where a single trip is function daily, and Teknaf, from where three trips are actually run a day.

Bay One was first taken on a 10-year lease from a Singapore-based company found in September this past year by Karnafuly Ship Builders at a price of Tk 105 crore.

Built by Mitsubishi Weighty Industries in 1992 regarding to websites on marine traffic, this previously bore the brand MV Salvia Maru and ferried persons around Tokyo and Tokyo Islands.

Including presidential suites, bunkbeds, twin bed cabins and chairs. PHOTO: STAR
The trip will be safe, save time and play a great role in expanding the country's tourism industry, said Karnaphuli Ship Builders Managing Director MA Rashid at a press briefing aboard the ship yesterday.

"The Patengya normal water bus terminal from Chattogram Shah Amanat International Airport is at walking distance. So vacationers can easily check out Saint Martin's island without facing the hassles of roads," he said.

Trips will be increased based on consumer response, he said.
Source: Thedaily Star

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