Kamal refutes survey claim in poverty rate

January 28, 2021 Business
Financing Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal yesterday turned down the findings of a study that claimed poverty rate in Bangladesh has increased to 42 per cent.

The South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (Sanem) conducted the survey on 5,577 households during November and December last year.

On January 23, the non-profit research organisation revealed the results of the survey. Kamal as well said the survey was illogical and offers distorted the real picture.

The finance minister manufactured the comments after a gathering of the cabinet committee on government purchase.

"You people have attended villages. Do you feel that the number of poor persons has increased in the united states? What a strange affirmation!" the minister said.

When asked about the government's statistics in the current poverty rate, he replied: "It'll be known once Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics conducts a survey on it."

According to authorities estimates, the poverty fee was 20.4 % in December 2019.

"No one is starving because of coronavirus. We have given back jobs to those (who shed it)," he said.
Source: Thedaily Star