When selecting light fixtures for your bathroom, you need to be sure that critical areas are well lit. You also have to choose fixtures that complement the rest of the room’s décor and that work well together.

Since every bathroom is unique, you’ll have to consider the design of your space, as well as the specific needs of your family and guests. Here are some helpful tips to guide you.

Use Different Types of Light Fixtures
In any room in your house, light should be evenly distributed so that no area is too bright or too dark. In some areas, extra light might be necessary at times to help people complete daily tasks. Using a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting fixtures in the bathroom can ensure that people will always have the right amount of light where it’s needed. Ambient lighting reflects off the walls and ceiling in all directions to illuminate an entire room. For overhead lighting that will cover most of the room, you can choose a pendant fixture, a chandelier or a fixture that’s flush with the ceiling. Figure out what will work best based on the size and height of your bathroom.

For the vanity and the area around the sink where people brush their teeth, comb their hair, shave and put on makeup, make sure there’s plenty of task lighting. You can place sconces on either side of the mirror or install a fixture that sits above it. Bar lights are also popular. They can be placed either above the mirror or along the sides. Some vanity task lighting fixtures have multiple lights that can be adjusted individually as needed.

You can also use accent lighting to highlight focal points, such as artwork or other interesting or unusual features that you want to draw attention to. Accent lighting is softer and, when used correctly, it can have a powerful visual impact.

Choose Fixtures That Complement Your Bathroom and Each Other
Light fixtures that look beautiful in one bathroom might be too large or too small for another home. For example, pendant lights might work well in a bathroom with a high ceiling, but in a bathroom with a lower ceiling, they could get in the way or be a distraction. The lights that you install near the vanity should be proportional to the mirror so they provide enough light without being overwhelming.

It’s fine to use several styles of light fixtures from different manufacturers in your bathroom, but it’s important to choose ones that will pair well with each other. Look for fixtures with the same type of finish so the room has a cohesive appearance. Chrome and brass are popular choices that can complement the other décor in your bathroom.
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