Himadrita Parna returns to Music

October 13, 2021 Culture
Himadrita Parna is a talented young singer. She is a familiar face on television and stage. She took occasional breaks from the concert hall due to physical illness. She recently returned to work. She is taking part in various television programs organized on the occasion of the Durga Puja.

Parna told this reporter, I have been suffering from allergic disease for some time. I am slowly recovering. Requests are coming to perform music on various occasions on the occasion of Puja. But I will not sing right now. I am taking some time. However, I am taking part in talk shows. Parna said she has already participated in ATN Bangla's 'Mahalaya' and SATV's 'Galpakatha'. She performs music in different mandapas of Dhaka every year. This time it is not happening due to physical illness. She lives in Baridhara. She will celebrate the puja in Dhaka like every time.

Meanwhile, the sweet singer is planning for some new work. She said that she wanted to sing new songs in memory of the late Salman Shah. According to Parna, it was not done in the wake of Corona. As the situation is tolerable, this time I am starting work. I want to make music videos for the song. Besides, I am also planning about basic songs. Speaking further, Parna also said that she wants to make an album of Rabindra Sangeet. Before Corona, she used to teach music to children in a school. She is thinking of taking a new initiative to teach music to children as it is closed.
Source: Dailyasianage - Culture News

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