Apu in Debashish's comedy show

Apu in Debashish's comedy show
As an anchor, Debashish Biswas is popular amonst the viewers. He is also known to all as a director. His artistic presentation made popular various shows of different TV channels like Pother Pyachali, UP CLOSE 1 -Tomakey Khunjchhe Bangladesh, Ha Show, Janar Achhe Bolar Achhe, Very Filmy, Super Hero Super Heroine, Dhallywood Korcha, Shudhu Tomar Jonnyo, etc.

To keep in mind his popularity, ATN Bangla has started a new celebrity comedy show titled Grand Fun Show where Debashish will be observed to host the show. To keep request from Debashish, popular film actress Apu Biswas took part in first bout of the show as invited guest. Apu took part in shooting of the bout of the comedy show at BFDC's floor on March 7.

Tarek Mahmud is giving direction of the fun show, which is aired on ATN Bangla fortnightly at 7:50pm from March 19. Debashish is very much indeed excited to host such a show. While sharing his feelings in this regard he said, "These types of shows are being held from the western countries to our neighbourhood country. Such kind of organised comedy show is being arranged for the very first time in Bangladesh. I am really feeling good to host the show. Apu Biswas attended the first bout of the show to keep my invitation. It had been really delightful and joyful matter for me personally to get her in first episode. I believe viewers will love the show with keen interest."

Apu Biswas shared her feelings by in this manner, "Earlier, to keep Debashish Dada's requests, I attended several amounts of shows. But this show is absolutely different from others. Kind of the show and various funs by Dada regarding me were really joyful. I was really delightful to wait the show. I believe viewers may also enjoy the episode."

Casting Apu Biswas, Debashish Biswas has recently made two movies - Shuvo Bibaho and Shwashurbari Jindabad-2.

According to Debashish, he's taking preparation release a the second movie. On March 26, Apu Biswas acted and Shahriar Nazim Joy directed movie Priyo Komola will be released. Story of the movie is founded on Liberation War, Apu Biswas also said.
Source: dailyasianage.com
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