UNICEF for universal access to online, distance learning for children

UNICEF for universal access to online, distance learning for children
President of UNICEF Executive Panel and Everlasting Representative of Bangladesh to the US Ambassador Rabab Fatima offers said access to online and distance education universally should be a high priority now.

"Length learning for a large most children in the growing countries remains a obstacle due to lack of access to digital platforms and net connectivity and only about 30% have admission," she said.

Commending the UNICEF for his or her dedicated and courageous initiatives globally in managing the pandemic crisis and position by the kids of the community, Ambassador Fatima opened up the first ever virtual Annual Session of the UNICEF Executive Plank on Monday in NY, reports UNB.

As the President of the Executive Plank of UNICEF, Ambassador Fatima urged the UNICEF to make certain that its pandemic response and recovery programmes complement and support the governments in the programme countries without compromising its regular mandated programmes. 

Highlighting in the grim realities facing a large number of countries, especially the lower money countries, the LDCs, and in Africa in the face of the Pandemic, Ambassador Fatima explained, " Even the simple task of 'hand washing' is definitely a challenge for most children as they have no access to normal water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure".

She also underscored the rising risks of outbreaks of preventable disorders such as cholera, polio, and measles as a result of suspension or perhaps scaling down of UNICEF's vaccination programmes due to the pandemic.

Terming the COVID-19 pandemic seeing that a 'litmus test' to get the UN system, UNICEF Executive Panel President Ambassador Fatima stressed the value of UNICEF's response and recovery work to be in sync with the different UN agencies.

In this regard, she reiterated support of the Executive Board in providing strategic guidance and mobilizing greater international support for the business. She as well encouraged all to keep their generous assist with the organization in its core regions of function.

The opening session was addressed, among others, simply by Henrietta H. Fore, UNICEF Executive Director who provided a comprehensive summary of the works of, as well as the challenges confronted by, the UNICEF, explained the Bangladesh Objective in the UN on Tuesday.

This was accompanied by country statements from Permanent Representatives and delegates from member states around the world.
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