Pori Moni to superstar in Chayanika's web film

June 10, 2021 Culture
Well-known film actress Pori Moni and director Chayanika Chowdhury teamed up again to work for his or her most current web film titled Antorale. Compiled by Pantho Shahriar, the celebrities Pori Moni as a Hindu housewife known as Arpita who is wedded to a businessman. Her lifestyle gets overturned when she gets involved with a mystical murder. The motion picture highlights the way the involvement in a murder creates chaos in the life span of a middle-class friends and family.

While discussing the movie, director Chayanika Chowdhury said, "Pori Moni was portion of my primary film and she'll also be signing up for me for my earliest web film aswell. Pori Moni is a wonderful actress and why is this project specialized is that people share a wonderful relationship. Our bonding is indeed special that people can complete our work with a smile even if we aren't taking any break."