Faria to settle in Australia

Faria to settle in Australia
Nusrat Faria started her profession as an RJ of a good radio. Now she is a favorite heroine of Dhaka cinema. Besides Dhaka cinema, she actually is also employed in Kolkata cinemas. The heroine acquired engaged in March after a long seven-year love affair. She'll be getting married to Ronnie Riyadh Rashid by the end of next December. 

This time the brand new news came that Faria will be residing in Australia after her matrimony. "We are certain to get married by the finish of December, hopefully the situation will get better at that time," Faria told the days of India. She added, "We intend to stay in Australia after that."

For the reason that interview, Nusrat Faria also said that her would be husband had given her a blue gemstone ring as a present on her behalf birthday. Besides, she will soon leave the united states by street for India to be a part of the capturing of Raja Chanda's film 'Bhoy'. When Nusrat Faria was called about the problem, she did not receive the call.

The actress and Siam Ahmed have recently become the goodwill ambassadors of a mobile phone company. Faria has also been a model with Siam Ahmed in a professional. The commercial has recently started airing over the internet. The duo can be starring in Dipankar Dipan's movie 'Operation Sundarban'. The actress will also act in a few films in Bangladesh and Kolkata. 
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