Jovan, Tasnia Farin's Valentine's Day drama

January 25, 2021 Culture
Few days ago, preferred director Mostafa Kamal Raz's father died. After overcoming losing, Raz again became involved with giving direction. In the beginning of this year, he finished capturing of last stage of NTV's ongoing serial Family members Crisis. Afterwards, he has manufactured a particular drama titled Romeo Juliet on the event of coming ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION. According to Raz, this is a repeated take pleasure in story, which is also written by director himself. Jovan and Tasnia Farin will be observed to play the purpose of Romeo and Juliet respectively in the drama, which shooting has recently finished.

While discussing acting in the drama, Jovan said, "Generally there are stories of spouse and children and romance in the drama. Relating to me, it is completely a Valentine's Day's unique drama.  While making funnies with Raz Bhai a do the job creates easily during shooting. This drama had taken three days for completion of its capturing. Raz Bhai has manufactured the drama cordially. As my co-actress, Farin acted well."

Tasnia Farin shared her feelings by in this manner, "Raz Bhai took each shot very sincerely during shooting. We provided a lot of efforts while performing in the drama. Right from the start of my career, I have been operating under Raz Bhai's direction. He's quite definitely co-operative director who constantly writes the script to bear in mind the actors' expertise and mentalities. Due to this fact, actors can easily relate with their functions while working. I am quite definitely optimistic about the drama." 

This drama will be aired on YouTube channel of Cinemawala and a TV channel.
Source: Dailyasianage - Culture News

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