Javed Akhtar: I never talk to personal questions to my kids

January 17, 2021 Culture
"When people ask me to trim a cake, I feel awkward as I hadn't as a kid," shares veteran writer-lyricist Javed Akhtar, who turns 76 on Saturday. "Birthday ek rasm hai. Mohobbat hai, toh dost aa jaate hain. If you are born in a well-to-carry out family where parents have fun with celebrating birthdays, you feel different but humne toh dekha nahin tha. Poor kids don't enjoy birthdays and I started doing this only after developing up," he adds. Along with his wife-actor Shabana Azmi capturing in England, he says there will not be a celebration. "I won't be doing anything and I doubt anyone will turn up, especially because of Covid," he says, reports HT.

In his trademark humor, he calls the this past year, the year that never was. The senior writer admits that in the 36 years of marriage, the few never spent so enough time together because they did last year. He shares, "Both folks happen to be compulsive travellers and usually abroad, so it was pleasurable to stay in a residence together for over 90 days. Shabana and I enjoyed our Khandala residence, which we'd visit for weekends, only on occasions. We noticed many movies, go through a lot and introspected too. We acquired time to come to be with ourselves. Of course, we are privileged so there was no trouble but there were many who had trouble in 2020."

Last year, there have been rumors of his son Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar's plan to get married after being in concert for three years. Possesses he spoken to Farhan about marriage or the rumors? "I think that once kids become adults, they have a right with their privacy and requesting them personal questions is usually a no-no. If they feature private information, you should listen but under no circumstances probe or enquire or question them. It is not a decent thing. If my kids need to talk about about their personal lives with me, I would be most happy to listen but I by no means probe or inquire personal questions to my kids," he signs off.
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