Is your Xiaomi branded product an original? Here's how to check

Is your Xiaomi branded product an original? Here's how to check
As multiple reports come out stating a huge quality of counterfeit Xiaomi products being seized Delhi’s police, the company has issued a few guidelines you could follow to ensure that you have your hands on an authentic Xiaomi device.

These are as follows:

·       Some products carry security codes that can be checked on to identify the authenticity of the product- eg. Mi Powerbanks   

·       Packaging and quality of retail box are very different. You can visit any Mi Home/ Mi Store to validate the original packaging.

·       Check for the original Mi Logo on the product and you will know if that is authorized. Original logo of packaging can be seen on

·       All authorized fitness products such as Mi Band(s) will have Mi Fit app compatibility.

·       Original batteries will carry a sign stating it to be Li-Poly batteries – while signs like Li-ion mean that they are not Xiaomi’s

·       One can identify original USB cables by Xiaomi as well from the fake ones, as the unauthorized ones are quite flimsy and break easily

Counterfeited products are not only a big threat to consumer health and safety but also pose a huge risk to consumer’s data security. The products might start malfunctioning and the user might be unaware of the hazards that these kinds of products can cause. 
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