I don't think OTT could be a threat to the silver screen

June 10, 2021 Culture
Actress Bidita Handbag had started her profession with the Bengali film 'Ichhe' in 2011. In that case she played some major functions in 'Kagojer Nouka', ' Sangabora' and 'Bouma'. Barring these few movies, we haven't seen extra of her in Bengali films. Even Bidita is baffled whenever one asks her why she can't be observed in Bengali films nowadays.

"I don't know why I am not getting any Bengali film offers you. I applied to edit and courier my showreels to every well known director in Kolkata. They explained they'll keep me at heart in their next project but that day hardly ever came. Honestly speaking, I have certainly not given as much work to get possibly Hindi film offers. I am aware of the Bengali film sector. It has grown manifolds and churning out a range of content. And I would like to work in a Bengali film. However, the Bengali market will hopefully reach see me before long in Goutam Halder's 'Nirban'. The film's release received pushed back as a result of pandemic, but it has been producing the rounds of festivals," shares Bidita within an exclusive speak to ETimes.

Bidita also promises that she's been deprived of certain roles that she had auditioned for: "However they were eventually directed at a star child." She even more adds, "But it's alright. Only talent survives. Lekin haan, nobody calls up below and lets you know why you weren't picked. At least 95 percent of folks usually do not. The five percent who carry out, simply tell you that you don't fit the character." All said and performed, it's not been an easy trip for Bidita in the eight years that she's been around.

Bringing up this issue of gender equality, the lady adds, "This is a thing that has been spoken about and I do believe that when we talk about equality women ought to be given equal prospects. It is vital to support them atlanta divorce attorneys way. We also sometimes see feelings like jealousy creep up between women of all ages and prove to be so harmful. They need to remove this." Giving a good example of a flower, she says, "A good plant has so many bouquets. Does one flower receive jealous of another. No, they all thrive together. Women must also support one another; this sisterhood will help women to evolve stronger than before. Yes, we've come quite a distance, but we still have quite a distance to go."

Amid the ongoing conversations on OTT platforms turning out to be a threat to the big screen, Bidita feels that cinematic experience is unparalleled. "I don't think OTT can be a risk to cinema halls. You just can't compare television, mobile screens with theatres. OTT can't contend with the big display. Right now, as a result of pandemic, it isn't safe to visit cinema halls. But, after almost all of us acquire vaccinated and once the condition gets back to usual, we will go back to cinema halls. Every channel of entertainment will survive. OTT is only an addition to existing mediums," shares Bidita who was simply recently observed in a web series contrary Shreyas Talpade and she says the knowledge was great.

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