Ferdous Wahid's coronavirus song 'Doyakoro'

March 24, 2020 Culture
Eminent pop singer Ferdous Wahid will probably release a song on coronavirus on his official YouTube channel within the next week. The lyrical song, titled 'Doyakoro', has been written and composed by Ferdous Wahid.

This song tells about the worst diseases in the annals along with coronavirus pandemic. 'The song portrays diseases like Nipah virus infection, avian, swine flu, anthrax, malaria, dengue, AIDS, viral hepatitis, enteric fever, leptospirosis and others,' said Ferdous Wahid.

'Coronavirus is a significant concern for all those. Such diseases can claim lives of many humans. In this drastic time, we should do everything essential to protect ourselves from the virus,' added Ferdous Wahid.'The song also calls upon all never to get panicked over the coronavirus and practice hygiene to avoid the virus from spreading,' mentioned Ferdous Wahid.
Source: Dailyasianage - Culture News