Drone photography in the UAE

August 29, 2021 Photo News
Budding photographers inspired by Kriechbaumer's series who want to get out there and shoot shouldn't find it too difficult to get started.

"The UAE has put in place very clear and easy to follow rules for drone photography, with an online registration process on the DCAA and GCAA websites, and in the case of Dubai, a training course requirement," he explains.

He recommends tools such as Google Maps and the UAE's My Drone Hub app to explore and plan potentially interesting compositions, and identify where footage can be best captured without violating any rules.

One thing that Kriechbaumer takes seriously is the need for photographers, and others, to be considerate of the natural environment.

"Too many times I have seen rubbish left around these amazing places, damage to flora, and impact on local fauna, which is truly saddening."

For that reason, he doesn't typically publicise the location where he shoots. Now that he's revealed some of these details in this story, he is asking fellow photographers to follow a simple request.

"My humble request is that anyone visiting these places makes an effort to maintain them, so they remain as stunning as they are now."
Source: https://www.thenationalnews.com

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