Brittany Mahomes provides update on her health after serious back injury

Brittany Mahomes provides update on her health after serious back injury

Patrick Mahomes is one of the most popular sports celebrities in the hole world, but he is not the one that get all the attention. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback's wife, Brittany Mahomes, has kept her fans updated about her health through social media once again.

Brittany Mahomes, wife of NFL star Patrick Mahomes, updates fans on her recovery from a serious back injury. Despite concerns, she assures she's fully recovered and back to her routine, emphasizing the importance of health for her family.

This time, she revealed she was being treated for a serious back injury on a Instagram post and her fans were concerned about that situation. But it was not only on social media that she expressed how she is feeling, as she talked to E! News on the matter and she let the people know how she is doing.

"Im doing great, my back is no longer broke, so that's good. I'm still in the gym. I'm Finally, I think, fully recovered and

back to doing the things that I've always been able to do." She expressed on the interview. "I'm staying on top of my health, and being active and healthy for my kids and my dogs is super important to me."

For those who don't remember, Brittany Mahomes revealed that her pelvic floor fractured in March while explaining on a video what happened. "Just a daily reminder: Once you have kids, please take care of your pelvic floor. Seriously. From: A girl with a fractured back."

How serious was the injury?
Even after she has claimed that she is back to her normal form, there is concerned for a potential reinjury in the future for this is a delicate matter, considering the fact that she is an athletic young woman.

A pelvic fracture is a major injury tat could have some potential socioeconomic and long-term functional effects. The treatment Brittany went trough have not been revealed but it seems that she is putting all that behind her.

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