Julia Roberts confesses about which has been the 'hardest' drug she's ever tried

Julia Roberts confesses about which has been the 'hardest' drug she's ever tried
Julia Roberts has been known for doing things her way, and during '"Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" she opened up about one of her experiences with psychoactive mushrooms.

Julia Roberts confesses that her experience with psychedelic mushrooms was nice. Cohen asked her "Julia Roberts, what is the hardest drug you've ever tried?" Roberts did not go into details, however, revealed she tried, "Mushrooms,", Cohen followed up by asking if it was a "positive experience." Julia mentioned "Yeah, it was nice," while also giving a warning to spectators "Kids, don't try it at home!"

Cohen tried to get more out of the 'Pretty Woman' however, she did not dive into more details saying "taking the fifth on this."

More than 30 years ago, Julia shared that people assumed she was doing hard drugs, some say that when she called out her wedding from Keifer Sutherland after being engaged for a few days.

Julia opened spoke with ET back in 1991 "This started, I can only assume, because I was so thin. And it's just absurd, you know. I don't know how anybody who would do drugs could function. I don't - nor have I ever done drugs - and I guess it's boring to be sort of a young actor in Hollywood and not have a drug problem. Well, then, I'm boring, and that's cool with me, because I've got clear skin and clean arms, and I'm just thin. Period. The end. Quit picking on me, you know,"

Roberts also mentioned that drugs are not a taboo subject with her kids "Fortunately, the five of us are super close and at dinner, which we have just about every night the five of us are together, it becomes part of the family conversation: 'Do you know what this is?' 'Have you ever heard about this?' 'Well, have you ever done that?' It's about figuring it out together," she mentioned some time ago.
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