3M's Scotch Cushion Lock is a paper alternative to plastic bubble wrap

3M's Scotch Cushion Lock is a paper alternative to plastic bubble wrap
Plastic bubble wrap has become ubiquitous in a get-everything-delivered economy. 3M Co. is now pitching an alternative that ditches the plastic for an expandable, all-paper lattice that clings to itself and is recyclable.

The company's Scotch Cushion Lock wrap, which debuted in consumer retailers last week, at first looks like rolls of brown paper towels. But the sheets of paper expand to up to 60 times their original size, stretching out into a lattice-like weave that can be used to wrap delicate items or to fill packaging boxes. The material is tearable by hand and can fasten to itself, much like plastic wrap can. "Plastic bubble has been a trusted shipping solution for decades. We wanted to create a product that replicates the protective and cushioning qualities of plastic bubble while eliminating the need for plastic," said Mark Copman, 3M president, stationery and office supplies division, in a statement.

Every 1,000 feet of Cushion Lock offsets up to nine pounds of plastic compared to traditional cushion wraps, the company said. 3M is trying to reduce its use of non-recycled, fossil-based plastic by 125 million pounds by 2025.

3M (NYSE: MMM) initially began supplying 1,000-foot Cushion Lock rolls to high-volume office supply retailers last fall. It's now moving into the mass market, offering 30-foot rolls through retailers like Target, Staples, and Amazon.com. 
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