WTTC launches mental health suggestions to help recovery of Travel & Tourism

January 14, 2021 Travel
The Mental Health Recommendations build on the Diversity & Inclusion Recommendations released by WTTC in 2020, going one step deeper to concentrate on mental wellbeing. It can help businesses better plan the recovery period following the COVID-19 crisis and will make certain that as the sector rebuilds, it comes home stronger and better than before.

The guidelines arrive at the same time when mental health cannot be more important. With lockdowns, quarantines, job losses and uncertainty looming bigger than ever before all against the background of wintertime, it is very important that mental wellbeing support is granted space in the conversations around recovery.

Analysis from the Chartered Institute of Employees and Advancement (CIPD) showed that more than one in 10 people (95%) believe that poor mental wellbeing affects their performance at the job, while 85% tell you it really is difficult to focus when fighting poor mental wellness, and 64% feel that it takes them much longer to complete tasks.

Furthermore, research conducted simply by the World Health Group (WHO) revealed a $4 return found in improved health and productivity, for every $1 investment found in improved treatment for regular mental disorders.

WTTC compiled these recommendations, with the information of leading health authorities and individual sector leaders, to assist the Travelling & Tourism sector. Repair of and support once and for all mental health ought to be portion of an organisation's way of life and strategy.

Source: https://bangladeshmonitor.com.bd

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