What songs will Blackpink play on their Born Pink world tour in Abu Dhabi?

What songs will Blackpink play on their Born Pink world tour in Abu Dhabi?
As Blackpink gear up for their biggest world tour to date, there is only one question on fans' lips — what songs will they play?

The K-pop group announced a return to live performances with an expansive run of international dates starting in Seoul, South Korea, in October and running all the way to Auckland, New Zealand, in June next year.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia will feature in the mix, with an Abu Dhabi show planned for January 28 and Riyadh on January 20 — more information on venue and ticket prices will be revealed soon.

In addition to new songs from upcoming Born Pink, the group's second studio album set for release next month, the tour should feature Blackpink’s biggest tracks and crowd favourites.

To whet the appetite for the hits to come, The National looks at all 10 official singles the group has released, which are likely to be featured in the set list.

1. ‘Whistle’ (2016)
Whistle immediately grabbed listeners' attention with its cocktail of styles: it begins with a bouncy hip-hop beat, in which members rap their verses, before segueing into a serene acoustic middle section and finally a thrilling chorus featuring an arresting drum and bass production.

Assisted by a hyper-colourful music video, Blackpink boldly announced they are more than the standard K-pop band.

2. 'Boombayah' (2016)
This high-speed track made an immediate impact at home and abroad, having cracked the South Korean Top 10 charts at number seven, in addition to topping the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

The song’s marriage of hip-hop and club sounds was also appreciated by the international music press, thus beginning Blackpink's international cult following.

3. 'Playing with Fire' (2016)
Another pop gem benefitting from its sophisticated production flourishes, like the spiky keyboard riff in the chorus, courtesy of producer Teddy Park.

The track made further inroads into the western market by charting in Canada and reaching number one on Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

4. ‘Stay’ (2016)
After a trio of club-style tracks, it was time for Blackpink to slow things down and try something new with this power ballad. While commendable, it doesn't really work because it was a clear departure from their creative approach.

Once again, producers Teddy Park and Seo Won Jin throw everything at the track — from acoustic guitars and harmonica to piano, stings and finger snaps — and as a result the track feels muddled and overwrought.

5. 'As if it's Your Last' (2017)
As if it's Your Last is a memorable piece of synth-pop with a little dash of reggae riffs thrown into the mix.

Backed by a brilliant music video, the track resulted in Blackpink gaining further international exposure as it notched chart positions in the US, Canada, Australia, France and Finland.

6. 'Ddu-Du Ddu-Du' (2018)
Known for a star performance by member Jennie Kim, whose exuberant rapping is Blackpink's secret weapon, the production is also interesting as it melds eastern percussion with the stalking bass lines of Trap music.

In addition to topping the charts in South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, Ddu-Du Ddu-Du finally propelled them into the American market by landing at 55th place in the US Billboard Hot 100.

7. 'Kill This Love' (2019)
By the time this banging electro number dropped, the pop world was totally enamoured by Blackpink. The music video broke YouTube's record of most watched content released within 24 hours, with 56.7 million streams, before eventually amassing more than 1.6 billion views.

They also enjoyed commercial chart success everywhere from Argentina to Slovakia and cracking the top half of the US Billboard Hot 100 with a career-high position of 41.

8. 'How You Like That' (2020)
Lead single How You Like That does exactly what it is supposed to do: it is loud and brash with a swaggering chorus and a strident hip-hop beat laced with horns.

9. 'Ice Cream' (2020)
You know you are hot when one of the world's biggest pop stars wants to work with you. The adventurous production characterising Blackpink's sound has been jettisoned for a plain and streamlined approach, which is ultimately forgettable. This Ice Cream is flavourless.

10. 'Lovesick Girls'
With Blackpink busy working on their second album, their last single was released nearly two years ago. A stomping ode to heartbreak, Love Sick Girls is created with EDM festivals in mind as it's one of their most anthemic and dance music inspired tracks to date. Released amid the pandemic, the track should feature throughout Blackpink’s upcoming world tour.
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