Trudeau co-opts Sanders meme to urge Canadians from traveling

Trudeau co-opts Sanders meme to urge Canadians from traveling
Bernie Sanders may be most familiar in a US political context, but that hasn’t stopped Canadian Primary Minister Justin Trudeau from by using a now famous meme of the Vermont senator to warn persons to stay home through the coronavirus pandemic.

On Saturday, Trudeau posted a photo of himself giving a press conference from his lawn on Twitter, with the now popular picture of a seated, mitten-clad Sanders superimposed in the backdrop.

The viral Sanders photo, snapped by AFP photographer Brendan Smialowski at US President Joe Biden’s inauguration, shows the senator huddled in a chair, arms folded and in addition sporting an average-guy winter coat.

Since it was taken, people all over the world have superimposed Sanders on famous artwork and family photos.

Referencing a recently available incident in which his boy appeared in the window while he spoke to the mass media, Trudeau wrote: “It was a very important factor when my son crashed my press conference a month roughly ago.”

“But this…” he said, discussing Sanders’ supposed appearance exterior his house. “Now could be not the period to travel. Stay residence - and by that, I mean your house.”

Sanders offers been photoshopped in recent days sitting down on the Iron Throne from “Video games of Thrones” and alongside Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin in Yalta in 1945.

On Fri, Trudeau warned Canadians not to travel, saying even more pandemic restrictions could be around the corner that would produce it harder to fly house from trips abroad.

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