Tokyo farewells Japan’s only double-decker shinkansen with a special escalator at the station

September 14, 2021 Travel
This is a pretty momentous moment for the rail industry, and to send the train off with a fitting farewell, East Japan Rail, who operates the train, has arranged a number of special happenings in the lead-up to its final run.

One of the final farewells involves a special E4 Series Escalator at Tokyo Station, which has become a hot topic online. It’s not every day you get to take a ride on a Shinkansen escalator, so we took a trip out to Tokyo Station to find it for ourselves.

According to the information we’d received, the escalator we were looking for was located inside the ticket gate, somewhere around the middle of the passage that connects the Marunouchi Underground Central Exit and the Yaesu Underground Central Exit in the basement of Tokyo Station.

As we headed to that area, we came across posters on the walls announcing the train’s upcoming departure from the network, with messages encouraging passengers to take a final ride on the train so they can enjoy the view from the top one last time.

It didn’t take long for us to arrive at the escalator, and there was no missing it, as it looked… like the front of a shinkansen.

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