Three keys to Messi's arrival at Inter Miami: Apple, Adidas and MLS

Three keys to Messi's arrival at Inter Miami: Apple, Adidas and MLS
Apple, Adidas and MLS itself have played a key role in the negotiations for Leo Messi to land at Inter Miami. In a report published on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the portal The Athletic, revealed some of the keys that have made it possible for the Argentine star to opt for Miami instead of Saudi Arabia or a return to Barcelona.

Thus, MLS and Apple have put on the table to offer Messi a share of the profits generated by new subscribers to the MLS Season Pass streaming service on Apple TV+.

Inter Miami announces the arrival of Leo Messi
Apple and MLS signed a groundbreaking agreement in 2022 for the Apple giant to offer streaming of all league matches on a global scale for 10 years in exchange  for at least $250 million per season. At the beginning of this first season with Apple, MLS Season Pass cost $14.99 per month or $99 for the entire season while, for Apple TV+ subscribers, prices dropped to $12.99 per month and $79 for the entire year. For reference, a basic Netflix account without ads costs $9.99 in the US.

In parallel, Apple TV+ on Tuesday announced a four-episode documentary series on Messi that will focus on his FIFA World Cup run.

On the other hand, Adidas, a sponsor of Messi since he was very young, has also offered to share with the player a portion of the profits derived from his arrival in the MLS in merchandising sales. Adidas is a very important sponsor of the MLS and dresses all 29 teams in the league. 
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