The BMW Samsung Galaxy S23 looks the most fun smartphone in ages

The BMW Samsung Galaxy S23 looks the most fun smartphone in ages
Limited edition smartphones designs aren't all that common. Back in the dumb phone days, brands were always collaborating on weird and wonderful crossovers (anyone else remember the X-Men Siemens MC60? No? Just me.) But todays' world of utilitarian slabs isn't much fun. Enter the new BMW-themed Samsung Galaxy S23.

Samsung has partnered with BMW to announce the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition, inspired by the carmaker's M3 E30 model. And yes, it features the BMW logo – one of the best logos of all time. In fact, the whole thing looks positively extra. As well as a BMW-themed hard case, the phone features a dedicated booting video with a three-color stripe logo and an M-specific theme screen.

And there's also a goodie box filled with all sorts of limited edition collectibles, including a key ring with six interchangeable BMW emblems. The history of the BMW logo(opens in new tab) is pretty fascinating, so it's fun to see so many iterations included in this set.

And now for the bad news. Not only is the BMW S23(opens in new tab) limited to 1000 units, but it's also only available in South Korea, in partnership with mobile operator STK. Sure, it'll probably pop up on a certain well-known online auction side, but no doubt at a huge premium, – and at KRW 1,727,000 (~$1300), it already ain't cheap. Maybe don't disregard the best iPhone 14 deals just yet.
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