Temple kissing scenes stir trouble for Netflix India

November 25, 2020
An Indian express on Sunday asked police to research after a member of the country's ruling party objected to scenes in the Netflix series 'A Suitable Boy', in which a Hindu woman kisses a Muslim boy against the background of a Hindu temple. The series is founded on an English novel by among India's leading authors Vikram Seth and comes after a young girl's search for a husband. It really is directed by celebrated Indian filmmaker Mira Nair. "It has really objectionable scenes that have hurt the thoughts of a specific religion," Narottam Mishra, the interior minister of the central condition of Madhya Pradesh, said on Twitter.

"I've directed cops to understand this controversial content tested" to determine "what legal action could be considered against the producer-director of the film for hurting religious sentiments." Gaurav Tiwari, a good head of the youth wing of India's ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which as well governs Madhya Pradesh, has filed a separate complaint against Netflix and warned of street protests by Hindus if the series isn't removed the platform.

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