Tansen's latest band Viking starts journey

January 11, 2021 Culture
Popular singer and ex - founder of the band Vikings, Tonmoy Tansen recently started his latest band titled Viking and released his hottest song on YouTube. His new band introduced their most current music Neel Hobo on the initial day of New Season. Tonmoy Tansen released his departure from Vikings due to personal reasons in May. 

The singer said, "Vikings' activity has stopped in the last couple of months. As I was a singer who genuinely wished to perform music, I decided to form my latest band with the rest of my associates who were wanting to generate music. We simply hope that the fans would appreciate our melody and love our new band." 

Tonmoy Tansen wrote and composed Viking's latest track Neel Hobo and the band hopes release a more songs this year. 
The brand new Viking lineup consists of Tonmoy Tansen as the vocalist, Azmain Adil and Farukh Hossain on guitar, Shimul Azhar on bass guitar, Mahbub on keyboards and Sushi as the drummer.  Vikings was produced in later 90's and the band won Superstar Search in 1999. Vikings produced its debut album Jiboner Kolahol in 2000.

Source: Dailyasianage - Culture News

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