Selena Gomez teases her new collaboration with Coldplay

Selena Gomez teases her new collaboration with Coldplay
British band Coldplay's new album 'Music of the Spheres' is a star-studded one. Days after Coldplay released its song 'My Universe' with K-pop band BTS, the band has now teased its new song with Selena Gomez titled 'Let Somebody Go'."When I called the mathematicians and I asked them to explain. They said love is only equal to the pain," Gomez sings on the track, as Coldplay frontman Chris Martin provides backing vocals. Gomez in fact has been collaborating with several artists this year.

She released a collaboration song with Colombian singer Camilo called '999' in August and put out a Spanish-language EP, 'Revelacion', in March. 'Her last English-language record, 'Rare`, came out in 2019, and she`s also been busy with her Rare Beauty line and her Rare Impact Fund, which advocates for easier access to mental health treatment.

"Today has been one of the most fun days for me in the studio ever," Martin said in a documentary about the making of 'My Universe' song.He further added, "It`s so different and it`s been very difficult to get here, to Korea. We`ve been very lucky with people allowing us to come in for two days just to record, and it was quite a stressful journey, and I was a little bit nervous. I`ve never met BTS before."

Coldplay sang 'My Universe' at Global Citizen Live in New York City last month in a performance that featured a video of BTS performing their verses behind Martin on stage.As per People magazine, both songs will be featured on 'Music of the Spheres', Coldplay`s space-themed ninth studio album, which is set for release on October 15.
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