Saud’s Gohin Baluchor goes international

Saud’s Gohin Baluchor goes international

Badrul Anam Saud film Gohin Baluchor is the first Bangladeshi film to be released internationally in 2018. The film was released in Canada and US theatres on January 19. Distributed by Swapna Scarecrow the film was released in Canada's Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary in the multiplex chain, Cineplex Entertainment and Regal Cineplex and Cinemark Theatres opened the movie in America's New York, Virginia and in Plano, Dallas.

The film's international distributor Swapno Scarecrow Inc's president Mohammad Oliullah Shajib recently confirmed these in a statement. He also informed that on the first week of release, the film might get fewer theatres due to the recent pressure of Hollywood movies released on Christmas and New Year, but it will get released in the aforementioned cities from the week after.

Swapno Scarecrow previously internationally distributed Bangladeshi films like Ostitto, Musafir, Shikari, Aynabaji, Premi O Premi, Dhaka Attack, Haldaa and more.

This film is about a love story between a boy and a girl living in a village (Dapdapia under the Nalchity upazial of Zalokathi) which is very near of a river. One day a piece of land (Chor) rises from the water.

This piece of land was once submerged in the river. The feud between two villages over the ownership of the risen land and the fate of the star crossed lovers will unfold in this film. 

The story mirrors the longing desires, determined struggles, hope & frustration, personal interest, big or little sorrows and happiness of the villagers.
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