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June 10, 2021 Culture
Most of us doing our tad to help the COVID-affected households and the persons in distress. Tollywood has also come ahead extending its help. Atanu Ghosh is certainly no exception aswell! The National Award-earning filmmaker is trying to greatly help the people in need in his own approach, by making use of his documentary 'Pandemic Perceptions'.

This 27-minute documentary on the backdrop of the pandemic is now being displayed digitally and it just costs 50 rupees to see 'Pandemic Perceptions'. Atanu says this collected cash will be sent to NGOs doing work for the COVID-affected persons. "I can only make films. So, I am trying to greatly help in my way. It's a small initiative," shares the filmmaker.

Atanu's documentary is on the experiences of 16 urban Bengalis around the world, including a doctor, a filmmaker, an actor, a musician, a great author and a community worker nausea interesting perspectives about the lockdown.

While a psychologist talked about how exactly Covid-19 had prompted her to become listed on those that were rushing to attorneys' chambers to draft wills, an actor spoke about his ending up in an out-of-work thief who had become a dynamic member at a community home initiative.

Atanu Ghosh had develop the idea in June last year. "I thought it might be interesting to explore the emotional and social influence of Covid-19. Consequently I sent text messages to various people requesting them to record their thoughts on their cellular phone cameras. Most responded with eagerness. The general trend was to confirm or contradict the assorted faces of individual crisis and depict tales of stamina and struggles coping with anxiety, discomfort and damage. Some shared tales of forging different bonds, others talked about reviving lost connections. If the tales of certainty of flux, exploitation of individuals, recession and solitary fights with loss of life were overbearing, there was comic relief too," added the filmmaker.

Not only pandemic experiences, lots of made futuristic analysis of a Covid-free environment. Artist Kunal Sen described how the post-pandemic globe will again see kids growing up with the occurrence of both father and mother - working or just coming to home - a thing that a few generations got missed.

At the editing desk, Sujay Dutta Ray stitched alongside one another footage of individuals undergoing journeys of self-discovery that ended with a violin performance - 'Pandemic and Beyond' - by Debojyoti Mishra.

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