Salman's fans set off fireworks inside cinema hall

Salman's fans set off fireworks inside cinema hall
Salman Khan's latest film, "Tiger 3", witnessed an exuberant display of fan enthusiasm as some devoted followers celebrated by setting off fireworks inside the cinema hall, to mark the occasion of Diwali.

This recurring trend prompted the theatre to pause the show, switch on lights, and involve local police for intervention. Concerns arose on social media, with users expressing worry about potential fire hazards and calling for authorities to address the situation.

Meanwhile, people on X (formerly known as Twitter) were worried about the consequences as it could lead to fire. "Government banned crackers outside so Salman Khan fans burst them inside the theatres," a user wrote. "This is reckless and dangerous. Authorities should take action," said another one. "This is so stupid. What if seats or carpets catch fire? Who will be responsible?" asked a third user.

Directed by Maneesh Sharma, the movie is a sequel to "Tiger Zinda Hai". Also starring Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi in pivotal roles and Shah Rukh and Hrithik Roshan in cameo appearances, the movie reportedly earned Rs 44 crore net on the first day.

Ahead of the release, Hashmi urged fans to avoid spoilers, emphasising the team's hard work in creating Tiger 3.
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