Salma returns to stage show

November 19, 2020
Favorite singer of present time Salma Akter is time for stage show at last, after a break of 8 months. She will go back to a stage express at Krishibid Organization in the capital on November 20.

Salma is very much indeed excited to execute in this express. While conversing in this respect the singer stated, "After eight months, I am going to do in a stage show. I am delighted in this respect. I am grateful to the organisers of the show and my lovers who constantly give me motivation to add with music. To detach from stage show is always an agonizing matter for any singer. 

Finally, my pain makes end. I believe through this express I will be regular in stage show again." Salma also educated that she lent her tone of voice for play-back melody for noted director Delwar Jahan Jhontu's motion picture 'Tumi Achho Tumi Nai'. Anwar Jahan Nantu composed music of the music which lyric was written by Khosnur Alamgir.

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