Jessica Biel is Fed Up With Justin Timberlake's Behavior Following His Shocking Dwi Arrest

Jessica Biel is Fed Up With Justin Timberlake's Behavior Following His Shocking Dwi Arrest

Throughout their 12-year marriage, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have had each other's backs as they raise two sons while pursuing career goals on stage and on screen. But nerves -- especially Biel's -- are fraying in light of Timberlake's recent arrest on charges of driving while intoxicated.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake face strain after Timberlake's DWI arrest, amid previous controversies. Biel publicly supports him, but privately, tensions are high as she grapples with repeated incidents. Their future remains uncertain amid ongoing challenges.

Perhaps it is Timberlake's attitude in light of his arrest in New York on June 17, the latest embarrassing incident for the former NSYNC signer. But make no mistake: Biel has had enough, and sources close to the couple are making it clear that Timberlake is under pressure to make things last.

Biel is at "wits' end" with Timberlake
According to Radar Online, Biel is "angry" with Timberlake over last month's arrest in Sag Harbor, which followed a night of drinking and could have seen Justin "hurt someone or himself." An insider said "it was a selfish and stupid thing to have let happen."

It's not the first time Timberlake has found himself in hot water with Biel since their 2012 marriage. In 2019, 

 Timberlake was forced to apologize publicly for holding the hand and stroking the knee of actress Alisha Wainwright, with whom he starred in the film "Palmer."

However, despite Biel's rage behind the scenes, she remains publicly supportive of Timberlake through the firestorm of controversy. The former "7th Heaven" star appeared at her husband's recent concerts in Boston and New York and appeared to be in good spirits as she sang along to his hits.

Even still, Timberlake is still said to be "on thin ice" with Biel, ever since the Wainwright incident five years ago. Only time will tell as to whether the couple can keep moving forward after the DWI arrest.

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