Jacqueline stuck found in Salman`s garden

Jacqueline stuck found in Salman`s garden
Lockdown continues found in India to avoid coronavirus an infection. In this example, Salman Khan is unable to go back to Bandra Galaxy apartment from Panvel garden residence. Subsequently, the Bollywood Bhaijan can be stuck in Panvel's garden residence. Sister Arpita Khan Sharma, sister-in-laws Ayush Sharma and Sohail Khan's boy Nivan will be accompanied. Salman is also accompanied by Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez there. 

The actress also appeared at the Panvel gardens with Salman after shooting something song in Radhe. But because of the lockdown, Jacqueline couldn't escape the Bollywood superstar's backyard house. She did not comment on the problem though. 

In the mean time, Salman Khan has bought out the responsibly of the Mumbai film industry's 25,000 workers, despite appearing stuck in Panvel's back garden house. Not just that, the celebrity actor has started having to pay Rs 3,000 in income to each of their bank account so that workers don't get in big trouble in the lockdown. 

Regarding to Salman Khan, the allotted cash will prolonged to the people's account within the due time another month.
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