iPhone 14's crash detection calls emergency services on roller coasters, report finds

iPhone 14's crash detection calls emergency services on roller coasters, report finds
Adventure seekers with the latest iPhone products might receive a surprise call from emergency services responding to a car crash, a report has found.

The glitch, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, comes after Apple released its latest devices, the iPhone 14/14 Pro and Apple Watches.

Built into the newest gadgets is the crash detection feature, which detects severe collisions and automatically calls emergency services in case the iPhone user is unconscious or unable to reach their device. But rollercoasters can apparently also trigger the feature. The reported incident took place at Kings Island amusement park in the US city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Sara White was carrying her iPhone 14 Pro in her bag when she boarded the Mystic Timbers ride.

But after the ride was over and she went to check her phone, she noticed the lock screen was filled with missed calls and voicemails from an emergency dispatcher.

The Journal reported that the user's iPhone 14 Pro had contacted emergency services when it detected a sudden stop after travelling 80 kilometres per hour on the ride.

The Mystic Timbers ride at Kings Island is quite bumpy, with sharp turns, drops and a sudden stop after the ride concludes.

But maybe this is all a good sign — Apple told the Journal that the latest devices offer peace of mind to customers. iPhones can detect and measure a crash through sudden changes in speed and direction, Apple said on its website. Cabin pressure changes to detect airbag deployment and loud sound levels of impact can also be used to detect a collision.

Apple said it has used public collision and accident data to ensure accuracy with the crash detection feature.
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