France should consider closing borders with UK

January 12, 2021 World
France should consider closing it is borders with Britain and other countries that contain a strong existence of the brand new variant of the coronavirus first of all within the UK, a good French epidemiologist and government adviser said on Monday. "

It is important that people consider whether we must close the borders to a restricted amount of countries, notably the uk and Ireland," Arnaud Fontanet, an associate of the scientific council that advises the government on COVID-19 policy, said on BFM tv. "This is certainly a spot for the agenda. It isn't up to the scientific council to choose this, but we want to improve the issue."

French authorities said in Sunday that the even more infectious variant had now been detected in France's Mediterranean interface of Marseille and found in the Alps."The new COVID variant is practically a fresh epidemic within the epidemic," Fontanet said.

He said the new variant was more contagious, but that for now there were no signals that its mortality fee was higher. Fontanet also said on BFM tv that to achieve the epidemic in order, France had a need to vaccinate 10 to 15 million people by the finish of March and 25 to 30 million persons by the finish of June.
Source: Dailyasianage - World News

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