Denim Professional, Green Delta win Environment Economic Forum recognition

Denim Professional, Green Delta win Environment Economic Forum recognition
Denim Expert Ltd and Green Delta INSURANCE PROVIDER have come up seeing as honourable mentions found in a World Economic Discussion board (WEF) "New Champion" award category earlier this month for their extraordinary effectiveness on sustainability and inclusivity.

The duo won the accolade in the Excellence in Sustainability group of the award bestowed on global recycling company Gemini Company, traceability technologies provider Optel Group and risk management advisory and consultancy Risk Insights.

In a statement, the WEF said to have bestowed the award on companies discovering business models, technologies and sustainable growth strategies needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The terminology is also thought to recognise excellence in agile business governance and companies building a much better future through their impacts on the planet and society.

The eligibility criteria include potential to build real long-term change, deliver a substantial impact on business and society, financial viability and readiness for functioning at scale, if they are not already doing this, said the statement.

The international NGO said the niche denim manufacturing facility was actively attempting to promote sustainability and inclusivity in Bangladesh's apparel industry.  "In 2019, the firm placed sustainable goals and targets across different areas, including reducing consumption of energy and water, CO2 emissions, and waste products generation."

"In colaboration with USAID, the organization is also attempting to provide prospects to transgender persons and human trafficking survivors," said the WEF.

"We are proud of our green factories in Bangladesh. We've a lot of achievements in sustainability globally," stated Mostafiz Uddin, controlling director of Denim Expert, over the phone yesterday.

"Such awards can help build a positive photograph of Bangladesh, particularly of the Bangladeshi garment sector," he said.

For the insurer, the WEF termed it the major insurance provider in Bangladesh.

The firm is attempting to provide affordable universal health coverage, which now impacts 82,000 households directly and 65,000 persons indirectly, it said.

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